20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (2023)

The Philippines is home to the most-creative and freshest advertisements and marketing campaigns. The country has also been a hotspot for international companies seeking to expand in international markets. If you’re a brand who wants to stand out in the Filipino community, then you might want to check out Philippines’ best advertising and marketing agencies today!

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Creating and managing a campaign from start to finish is not easy, especially in a foreign country. Seeking the help of marketing and advertising experts in that locality will make the job easier, faster, more efficient, and more adaptive. By working with those who eat, live, and breathe marketing in the Philippines, you’ll be able to know the best strategies to implement.

One of the leading marketing strategies in the Philippines today is digital marketing. Filipinos surf the internet for more than 10 hours a day, exposing themselves to various digital marketing activities. At the moment, 69.3% of Filipino internet users research brands before purchasing products, while 57.4% visit brand websites.

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Surely, the data above will not be enough to create an outstanding campaign in the country. You’d need the help of an agency who knows the Philippines with its eyes closed. In the list below, we compiled the best marketing, advertising, and digital marketing companies in Philippines who can help you introduce your brand to the Filipino market.

The Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies in the Philippines are ⬇️

  1. AJ Marketing
  2. Gohan Strategy
  3. Bambu Agency
  4. FCB Manila
  5. Sven group
  6. Gigil
  7. Make Technology
  8. Propelrr
  9. Oddefy Agency
  10. Vero
  11. Jigso
  12. ArtZap Studio
  13. Near Creative
  14. Gushcloud
  15. PIAA Advertising
  16. Be Creative Studios
  17. Carl Ocab Digital Marketing
  18. PurpleClick
  19. Ideaz
  20. AMPH Advertising

1. AJ Marketing

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (3)AJ Marketing is the top marketing agency in the Philippines, which specializes in influencer marketing. AJ Marketing has a network of over 7000+ premium content creators in the country and all around Asia-Pacific.

Aside from influencer marketing, this agency also offers marketing strategy, online advertising, social media marketing, digital billboards, SEO, press release, and celebrity licensing.

Working with AJ Marketing means having a fast, professional, and international advertising partner. It also means having seamless communication with its experts who provide great English support. Most importantly, AJ Marketing has a local office in the Philippines, which means you’d be able to access insider information not easily found elsewhere.

AJ Marketing has been trusted by big brands such as BMW (MINI), Bytedance (TikTok), AMD, and Adobe. If you wanna learn more about the Philippine market, check out the AJ Marketing Blog.

Contact: [emailprotected]

2. Gohan Strategy

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (4)Gohan Strategy is a brand consultancy, strategic branding, and designing agency operating internationally. It won the title of Top Advertising Agency in The Philippines for 2021. Gohan believes in helping business leaders understand the obstructions that prevent them from building their company into an impactful brand.

Gohan offers various services such as Brand Identity Design, Strategy, Taglines and Consulting, Launch Design, Digital Asset Design, Creative Direction, Video Assets, and Kickstarter Campaign.

Some of Gohan’s previous clients are Kumu, Fiber Infrastructure Network Services Inc., Asticom Technology Inc., UAA Kinming Development Corporation, and NEO. From its clients, there is no doubt why Gohan also won the Best Real Estate Branding Consultancy Philippines 2020 Award.

3. Bambu Agency

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (5)Bambu is a fully integrated marketing agency operating internationally–from Canada, United States, UK, Switzerland, to the Philippines. Bambu has three core service areas which are Advertising, Creative, and Development.

Bambu’s advertising services include PPC ads, Facebook ads, design and banner ads, YouTube ads, and many others. It also offers media planning and strategy, email marketing, SEO, and even UI/UX Design.

One of Bambu’s previous clients was Sunnies Studios. Sunnies Studios is a Philippine-based lifestyle brand that began as a product line of sunglasses. Bambu was able to grow Sunnies’ international and local sales by scaling up their ad spend by +1,500%. Bambu also launched 5 new channels for Sunnies, like TikTok, YouTube and various marketplace ads. More than 250 new campaigns were also launched.

4. FCB Manila

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (6)FCB Manila is an advertising and marketing solutionist with one simple goal: to create communications that change behavior. FCB handles major brands in the Philippines, like MART Communications, PLDT, the SM Group, and Asia Brewery.

FCB offers different services, from branding, advertising, product design, digital marketing, to integrated marketing. Some of its client partners include Tiger, Nivea, Pride, and Marco Polo.

Take a look at one of FCB Manila’s work for the NIVEA MicellAIR Skin Breathe. FCB was faced with the challenge of de-normalising alcohol-based facial cleansers in order to highlight the gentle nature of micellar water. FCB worked with Filipina celebrity Liza Soberano, a fresh face that is popular among the constantly-in-progress Filipinas.

The campaign propelled NIVEA to the number one spot within months of launch and eventually won over consumer preference.

5. Sven group

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (7)Sven is a “digital 1st” agency which specializes in everything digital. The digital space is its playground to explore, disrupt, engage, and immerse in. Sven believes that every day is an opportunity to break through.

Sven offers strategy, social, and content services, like SEO, e-commerce, CRM, influencer management, and omni-channel marketing. It also offers technical development and photo and video production services.

Some of Sven’s key partners are Marybelline, Toyota, Unilever, Garnier, L’oreal, Celeteque, and Philippine Airlines.

6. Gigil

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (8)Gigil is a local advertising agency which has been internationally-recognized for its out-of-the-box campaigns. Gigil gives its all to create ideas that solve business problems. Gigil “makes things, and makes things happen.”

Gigil specializes in TV and online commercials, as well as online video content creation. It also offers offline marketing services. Some of Gigil’s biggest clients include Netflix, Safeguard, 7-eleven, AirAsia, and Unilever.

Gigil has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Hottest Agencies in Asia, Creative Agency of the Year, and Independent Agency of the Year.

7. Make Technology

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (9)Make Technology is a team of thinkers and builders who design and develop solutions that are inclusive and accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Make Technology offers a plethora of services, including visual design, UI design, web design, product design, web development, mobile app development, and workshops.

This agency has worked with the biggest companies in the Philippines, including Metrobank, Petron, AyalaLand, Cyberzone, and Yellow Cab.

8. Propelrr

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (10)Propelrr is a digital marketing agency which aims to be the leader in “glocal” digital innovations across existing and emerging marketing communication channels. Its mission is to deliver excellent digital marketing strategies and tactics focused on conversion and revenue increase for our partner brands and clients.

Propelrr offers everything digital marketing–from SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Creatives, Analytics, UX Design, to Web Development.

One of its clients is The North Face. The North Face is an established outdoor product brand that specializes in outerwear and other apparel and equipment. It wanted to take their annual race, TNF100, to a wider audience with a seamless integration of online and offline marketing efforts.

With Propelrr’s help, The North Face achieved 19.58% lead-to-customer conversion resulting in over Php 3 million in product revenue.

9. Oddefy Agency

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (11)Oddefy is a 360-integrated creative agency that is rooted on Creative Disruption and Effective Communications.

Its services include Integrated Marketing and Branding Communications, Multi-channel Marketing, Social and Digital Media Marketing, Content Storytelling, Mobile and Web Design (UI/UX), and Influencer Strategy.

Oddefy’s previous partners are Lenovo, Grab, Shopback, Bosch, Kiss New York, and many more.

For its project with GrabFood, Oddefy helped the brand be more visible during the Christmas season. The idea was to confront the notion of people naturally growing apart with this story of two brothers.

The video delivered the message that despite the family drifting apart over the years, food is the spark that brings their relationship back.

10. Vero

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (12)Vero is a communications consultancy company in Southeast Asia. Vero provides award-winning digital marketing, creative, and PR work that resonates within the ASEAN region.

Vero offers a number of services, which include Strategy, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, PR, Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Corporate Reputation.

Vero operates in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam. Vero has worked with TikTok, Mitsubishi, Line, La Mer, and Netflix.

11. Jigso

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (13)Jigso is a team comprised of creatives and strategists. It offers extensive services that are guaranteed to address its clients’ digital needs. It helps brands “find the missing puzzle piece”.

Jigso offers a variety of services that equip a company with the tools necessary for all its marketing needs across several platforms.

Jigso has been trusted by Rustan’s, Lacoste, KFC, Havaianas, and many others.

12. ArtZap Studio

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (14)ArtZap Studio is a boutique agency composed of multiple talents and experts in the field of creative branding, content creation, and digital marketing. It prides itself on helping startup companies to big brands, both local and international.

ArtZap has a number of capabilities, which are Consultancy, Branding, Graphic Design, Web Development, Google Ads, SEO, SMM, Digital Marketing, and Video and Photo Production.

Some of ArtZap’s clients are Bosch, WWF, Jewelmer, Petalier, Mitsubishi, Canadian, and Art Magazine.

13. Near Creative

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (15)Near Creative started out as a creative travel agency in 2016 with the goal of creating compelling travel videos to market them for brands online. Six years later, Near Creative has now expanded to a full-blown digital creative marketing agency that works with multiple brands from different industries.

Its services include video and photo production, influencer marketing, TikTok marketing, social media content creation and management, and digital virtual events.

Near has worked on projects with international brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Microsoft, Shiseido, and Ellana.

14. Gushcloud

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (16)Gushcloud International is a global technology-driven Digital Talent and Media company, focused on Influencer Marketing, Entertainment, and Commerce.

Guschcloud connects audiences and brands to influencers and content creators through representation and management, brand strategy, marketing and activation services, media production sales and distribution, licensing and co-creating significant IP in the content, media and event spaces.

Gushcloud works globally, and it has local offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, USA, China, and Australia.

15. PIAA Advertising

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (17)PIAA is a PR and brand communications agency which offers on-point PR events, and impactful digital marketing campaigns.

PIAA’s main goal is to protect its clients’ corporate and brand reputation. From a simple press release, to a rush requirement, to a more expensive communications campaign, PIAA will do what it takes to secure a brand’s reputation.

PIAA has already worked with KFC, The SM Store, Ceres, AyalaLand, and many more.

16. Be Creative Studios

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (18)Be Creative is a team of ambitious storytellers that found excitement and joy in working with brands and moving them forward. It is focused on communication, and it plans to be a partner that listens and focuses on the details.

From Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Content Production, Search Marketing, and Branding, Be Creative can handle it all.

Some of Be Creative’s clients are Eleksis and True Vision.

17. Carl Ocab Digital Marketing

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (19)Carl Ocab, at 12 years old, started tinkering with the internet. He created information websites and forums. By age 13, he started carlocab.com. Today, Carl Ocab is a digital marketing agency of the highest caliber, putting businesses on the map online.

Carl Ocab offers a number of services, including Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC and Digital Ads, and White Label Services.

Its portfolio is full of projects with local clients, such as SM, Job Pinoy, AFCI Philippines, and Tagaytay Highlands.

18. PurpleClick

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (20)PurpleClick Philippines is a Digital Marketing Agency specializing in highly targeted cost-efficient performance marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

PurpleClick specializes in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on Google Adwords, Yahoo-Bing Search Network, Facebook and Instagram Ad Platforms, YouTube Video Ads.

Its other services include SEM, SEO, Banner Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads, Websites, and E-Commerce.

19. Ideaz

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (21)Ideaz Solutions & Advertising believes that effective marketing is born out of smart strategies and sharp concepts. It believes that an advertising campaign should be “half science and half creativity”, relying both on customer research and branding.

Its services are advertising and copywriting production, marketing and brand planning, sales and product analysis, consumer insights, and creative concepts and design.

It also offers media production services, such as TVC and AVP production, radio jingle production, script writing, and photography and art direction.

20. AMPH Advertising

20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines (22)AMPH Advertising Agency has been one of the Philippines’ leading digital agencies since 2013. As the pioneer provider of digital marketing solutions in the Philippines, AMPH is driven to help its clients realize their business goals and achieve online success.

AMPH offers a number of online solutions, which include SEM, SEO, Google Display Network, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Strategic Consultation, and Web Design.

AMPH has worked with Automatic Centre, New Era, NBA Store, Boysen, Giordano, Hi-Precision, LeapFrog, and SilverWorks.


The Philippines houses thousands of marketing and advertising creatives who have made marks in different industries. For brands wanting to expand within the Philippine market, partnering with local marketing experts is a must in order to stand out.

Above, we curated a list of the best marketing and advertising agencies in the Philippines today. These marketing agencies have been trusted by big names, and have delivered great results. Whichever agency you choose to work with, we hope you find the perfect fit for your goals, values, and business plans.

We wish you the best in your business endeavors within the Philippine market.

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20 Best Marketing & Advertising Agencies In The Philippines? ›

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What are the Big 4 advertising agencies? ›

'Big 4' Advertising Agencies, Part 1: Introducing The Companies And Industry (NYSE:WPP) The advertising world is dominated by the 'Big Four' agencies: WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, and Interpublic Group of Companies.

How much do marketing agencies charge per month in the Philippines? ›

According to some blog I found online, the monthly floor rate for social media marketing services in the Philippines hovers around 25,000 to 75,000 PHP, which roughly converts to 430 to 1,280 USD. Meanwhile, the monthly ceiling costs can fetch prices of 100,000 to 250,000 PHP or 1,707 to 4,268 USD.

How much does an advertising agency cost in the Philippines? ›

I know some startup digital marketing agencies that start from ₱10,000 to ₱25,000 per month. I think the best one you can get who really has the skills would be agencies who charge at least ₱20,000 as a base rate. Then the ₱10,000 for media ad budget. It's a great way to spend your ₱30,000 per month.

What is the most successful advertisement ever? ›

Apple's "1984" Super Bowl commercial is regularly cited as one of the most successful and memorable advertisements of all time.

Who is the top 1 advertising agency in the world? ›

In the advertising market, a small group of companies make up a significant portion of the overall market value, such as WPP plc, Omnicom Group Inc., and Publicis Groupe S.A. Among them, WPP plc has been the market leader for the past five years, earning a revenue of $15 billion in 2021.

What are the 5 different ad agencies? ›

There are basically 5 types of advertising agencies.
  • Full service Agencies. Large size agencies. ...
  • Interactive Agencies. Modernized modes of communication are used. ...
  • Creative Boutiques. Very creative and innovative ads. ...
  • Media Buying Agencies. Buys place for advertise and sells it to the advertisers. ...
  • In-House Agencies.

What are the top 5 agency groups? ›

The "big six" largest agencies, with their estimated worldwide revenues in quarter three of 2021 were:
  • WPP, London $4.45 billion.
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  • Publicis, Paris $2.96 billion.
  • IPG, New York City $2.26 billion.
  • Dentsu, Tokyo $2.25 billion.
  • Havas, Paris $668 million.

Is marketing in demand in Philippines? ›

Marketing specialist is one of the high-demand jobs in the Philippines in 2023 because companies always need professionals who can help them get noticed by their target audience.

Is it worth it to hire a marketing agency? ›

Hiring a marketing agency often gives you access to tools and platforms that aren't available to you, or are too expensive for your business to purchase outright. These tools can help you better understand your data and the impact of your campaigns.

How much do marketers make in the Philippines? ›

The average monthly salary for Marketing Manager jobs in the Philippines ranges from ₱45,000 to ₱55,000.

How much do Facebook ads cost per month in Philippines? ›

Average Cost of Facebook Ads Per Month

In the Philippines, the converted average costs of Facebook ads/mo. amount to 10,445 PHP and 41,780 PHP. And given the gap between the floor and ceiling averages, we can see that there is a budget range that allows a brand to be more competitive than others.

Who pays the advertising agency? ›

Commissions from Media

The traditional method of compensating agencies is through a commission system, where the agency receives a specified commission from the media on any advertising time or space it purchases for its client. This system provides a simple method of determining payments.

Who pays for advertising agencies? ›

One of the most traditional ways to get paid, commission-based pricing is still frequently used. With this model, the client sets a budget for media spend. The agency takes a cut – usually 15% - of whatever the client spends on media campaigns.

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