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Lake Property In Maine Real Estate Video. MOOERS REALTY Waterfront Listing Gives You The Grand Tour Of A Place On Conroy Lake, Aroostook County Maine. Looking For Something On The Water With Two Levels For Added Utility, Privacy? $269,900! All The Lake Property In Maine Details At Walk Out Daylight Basement And This Maine Lake Home Is Parked Right On The Waterfront's Edge. Two Open Decks To Enjoy Lake Loons. Heat Pump For Heating And Cooling, Also Gas Heat, Wood And Pellet Stoves! Cathedral Living Area, Vinyl Sided, Metal Roof. Two Storage Buildings For Your Water And Garden Toys And Tools. Plus Extra Land Behind You That Goes On Forever. Horse Shoe Pits, Plenty Of Room For Parking, Maybe Some Company With Camper RV Trailers. Ideal Location Out Back For Bunk House. Two To Four Bedrooms, Watch Lake Place Video And Take The Virtual Property Listing Tour. This Lake Property In Maine Has A Drilled Well, Full Bath With Electric Water Heater. The Maine Lake Property Is Not Near The Water, You Are On Top Of This 110' Deep ME Waterfront Location. Questions About Aroostook County / Northern Maine? Here to Help Answer Them! More Details On Monticello Maine 95 West Conroy Lake RD Monticello ME Property Is Clean, Spacious, Has Quick Occupancy! $269,900! 207.532.6573 MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730 USA #mainerealestate #lakeproperty #conroylake #monticellome #waterfront #lakehome


Conroy lake is one of your deeper lakes in northern maine, 110 feet deep, lots of fish.

Your lower level with the heat pump is like its own separate apartment.

It's on the water whoever's.

There can get up just as early as they want without waking up the whole household.

You have a walk out basement.

You have a side deck metal roof, vinyl sided see the rocks that's, the best little riparian buffer.

You can get to hold the soil in place.

You do not want the soil to go into the lake.

If fish could talk, they would say we don't like lawns.

We definitely don't like weed and feed when you're not using this lake home yourself, rent it out carefully, but rent it out you'll get the same people every single season when you look across conor lake, it looks like someone did a really good job.

Trimming that's, how high a deer can reach up to eat the ends of the cedar trees, see how even it is here's your street scene.

I think we're gonna get a thunder.

Bumper it's, a pretty ugly black cloud that we're going to want to get some aerials before the heavens open up 1.25 acres.

You even have horseshoe pits on this side, plenty of room to park your boat trailer.

Or if your cousin comes with a camper 1.25 acres is a huge lot when you're talking waterfront, see the beautiful pines.

Those were planted years ago in plantation 1 1200 to the acre what's, your favorite season, when you're on the water, all four are pretty special in different ways heading in the back door.

You've got a unique storm and inner door.

You have two bedrooms on this level, plus the lower level could be another one or two bedrooms.

You could be up to four this depends on how do you configure your waterfront property? The rules are a little different when you're up at camp see this porch room.

It really is like a summer bedroom, a great place to have morning coffees.

But also to take a nap, put some french doors in close it off with a curtain.

Suddenly, this is the best bedroom in the house with all those windows and the breeze.

When you're lucky enough to live on a lake year round that lake is everything that's your hbo morning, noon and night all four seasons.

You can fish it swim in it snow slid across it.

You can hunt from this as your base.

You can enjoy spring with the new leaves on the trees, there's, a heat pump up in the eaves to keep you cool or to heat in the winter.

Then you have an empire gas heater.

And then you also have a wood heater, there's, a pellet stove in the basement.

You are covered in spades as far as ways to heat your house, you're, not so concerned about the price of one fuel when you have a lot of different ways you can go the cabinets are a wild hickory like that porch room.

It could be a bedroom.

Your dining room is everything because you're again, looking out over the water who's out fishing is that a pair of loons going by let's, take the kayak for a ride let's fire up the barbecue that's.

What you do around the lake, see your exposed spruce pearlings.

And then the native knotty pine.

Pretty low maintenance, not a lot of paint or sheetrock of any kind it's, all you need for an easier simpler living when you're up on a main lake off your kitchen that comes totally equipped with all the appliances.

You have a laundry room, a place for a freezer a utility room.

The other side of this utility room is your full bath.

Your bathroom has a cathedral ceiling.

More of a beadboard look that's.

A little bit pickled, almost it's got all the essentials.

I don't have to tell you what these fixtures are.

This is a big bathroom by lake standards, right off that bathroom is your master bedroom.

It too has a vaulted ceiling.

The big view of the lake you're parked right on the lake's edge, you're, not like hundreds of feet away from it you're right in the front row, best seats in the house.

So that's your first level you could have up to two bedrooms.

You have your living room, dining room kitchen utility room full bath for some people that's all you need for living space all on one floor.

But if you have company or you share the place with a family member, here's, a whole nother region, your lower level, you have two sets of sliding glass doors to bring in the light to bring in the scenery.

These make your insurance company happy too.

What if you have to get out? You can get out even easier down here than upstairs.


No, three foot drop, see what I mean right on the edge of the lake.

You also have regular windows like casement that you'd normally see in a basement.

But you don't usually see sliding glass doors most basements aren't walk out or front facing the lake like this.

One, your pellet stove will more than heat this area.

And then the floors of the upstairs see how this could be divided into where that beam is.

This could be two bedrooms very easily.

If you have a family lots of times, this is where the kids play games, they're social too when their cousins come to visit.

They've got a living room.

So do you part of being at the lake is puttering, you need to have your own little hardware store.

Welcome to conroy lake.

True value hardware, right here.

You've got a little of this little vet to fix just about anything next to the fix and repair.

You've got your electric water, heater your expansion tank.

Because this is a drilled well has its own private septic there's, a concrete tank and then there's a shared leech feel across the road.

It was done right to get it back from the water here's another room that could be all by itself for a home office or a bedroom on the lower level, you're, not close to the water you're on the water.

Imagine waking up with a screen in that door listening to the loons.

I main realtor, andy morse, you think that 95 west conroy road might be a place you'd like to look into it's waterfront metal roof, vinyl-sided, lots of glass and parked right on the lake conroy lake, here's, your drilled well just see the potential across the road for gardens, horseshoes company, or maybe to build a little camp or two.

We also have two sheds storage areas, little fire pit for nightly fires.

Sometimes you want to get in the shade out of the sun you're, not always in the water or on the water here's where you could eat outside if you're not on the deck, you.

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